Keep That Car In Good Shape and You’ll Never Have Any Problems

T-Buckets are Daily Drivers

I love my Ford T-Bucket so much that I am a member of the National T-Bucket Alliance. For all the years I had been driving my t-bucket on Sundays I have never been towed. It is not that my car had never developed problems but I used to work my way around them until I arrived at a solution. If your car has never been towed too, you have all the rights to the title “lucky”. Trust me it is not because you are careful on the road. I exercise a lot of caution on the road and I still could not prevent my car from developing problems. Luckily, I was in Jacksonville and getting a towing service near me was not much of a headache.

I had been stranded on this road for almost three hours. I had completely lost hope and I was just waiting for nature to decide my fate. Several drivers had stopped by and examined the condition of the car but none of them had the slightest idea of what should be done in such a situation. The bonnet was engulfed in a cloud of smoke and my efforts to determine the cause of the problem and come up with a solution were futile.

I sat down beside the car and started wondering who I might have wronged for nature to hit back with such cruelty. How could a car that had just been serviced a week ago develop such a problem? I had been through several problems while on the road but none had ever been of that magnitude. I could have used the word helpless to describe the situation I was in but it does not bring out the picture clearly enough. The idea of looking for a towing service near me crossed my mind but I flushed it out as soon as it came in. Where would I get all the money these people charge if I asked for their help?

All in all, I had to do something to pull myself out of that mess. I tried to reach out to several friends but all they did was sympathize with me and excuse themselves as they were “too busy”. I stood up and tried asking for road assistance again. When I explained my problem to those drivers who bothered to check me out, all of them suggested that I get in touch with a towing company.

I decided enough was enough and decided to call the police. I know this idea looks stupid now but I preferred it over requesting the services of a towing company. I thought that they would explain to me all the other options I had. I could not believe my ears when the cops told me to look for a towing service near me after explaining to them my situation. It was clear that this was my only option and I could not avoid it. Towing help came from Jacksonville but by the time it arrived, it was late into the night and I was cursing every minute I had spent opposing this idea.